Professional Purpose

I knew the day would come where my creative passions and purpose would meet to accomplish successes greater than my own. It is at this junction that
professional purpose is birthed out of the desire to make a catalytic impact. As a designer and interpreter of aesthetics, I offer a rare combination of a full range of expertise in industry standard creative suites on the mac and pc platforms with a traditional fine art training and experience - this presents an opportunity. I embrace the opportunity
to make a measurable difference, this difference promotes purpose, and within a company this purpose shapes and distinguishes the talent, the leaders and innovators in your industry. I am




I have had the opportunity to impact a wide range of professions through design, development and consulting. I devote and embrace every project with a high level of enthusiasm from concept to deployment, from law firms to institutions to design upstarts.

Post-Secondary Academics

University of South Carolina - Masters of Arts - 2006 - Anatomical Art
University of South Carolina - Bachalor of Fine Arts - 2002 - Art Studio - Art History/Biology Minor

Professional Experience

WebDesigner/Multimedia Pdr

  • 2008-present
University of South Carolina


  • Maintain the website(
  • Design Custom Websites
  • Build Presidential eBlast
  • Produce/edit Video shorts
  • Create Custom Web Graphics
  • Flash media development
  • Motion graphics development

  • Reference: Jeff Salter, Director of Web communications

Application Consultant

  • 2005-2008
University of South Carolina


  • Assist Students, Faculty and Staff with cross platform applications support
  • Maintain
  • Design Application Tutorials
  • Large Format Poster Print/Design
  • Lab Software Updates
  • Adobe Microsoft specialist
  • Reference: Bill Burns, Director

Graphic Designer

  • Oct- Dec 2005
Image Resource Group


  • Prepare facade recommendations for Macy's Federation
  • Reference: Miles Cooper, Art Director

Professional Skill Set

  • Software Applications
  • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Dreamweaver
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Flash
    • Indesign
    • SoundTrack Pro
  • Apple Platform
    • Final Cut Pro
    • Motion
    • iDVD
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Cross Platform Proficient
  • Panasonic P2 operations
  • Epson Plotter operations

Arieus J.M. Alcide - Front End Developer - Graphic Designer -Illustrator - Videograper - Multimedia Developer - 591 Lakeside Drive, Rock Hill, SC - ajma@arie.usAJMA Design Center